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The Democratization of AI and Big Data

The market chatter around Big Data and AI has increased rapidly in the last few years to the point that it features almost daily in mainstream media. A quick look at some of the numbers banded about and it’s easy to see why (although not always easy to prove their veracity).

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Developing the data science community: generating a sense of support by Hugo D’Ulisse of SAS, DataFest Premium Sponsor

Students live and thrive in a community: the student body and its associations form a relatively tight-knit group that provides—or should provide—support and encouragement on an ongoing basis. For those away from home for the first time, this community can be a life-saver, a sounding board for ideas and a space to help each other learn.

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How to get the most from the DataFest app

As part of DataFest18 we have decided to create an all encompassing app which will be able to answer any and all of your DataFest related queries from the palm of your hand. We’d like to give you a better insight into the app for easy and intuitive use during all DataFest related events and activities.

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