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DataFest: Call for innovative data stories

DataFest 2021 – Call for Innovative Data Stories

Scotland has an enviable reputation of being at the cutting edge of innovative technology. At the heart of many of these incredible technological advancements is data and every year at DataFest we’re proud to showcase some of these innovations – 2021 will be no exception. The theme of DataFest 2021 is “Our Data”. In previous

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The women in tech who will be making DataFest20 a success

With International Womens Day coming on 8 March, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing women who will be giving talks at DataFest20 in March. We believe in the importance of gender balance at our events and always make sure that speakers and panels are as equally balanced as possible. There are no excuses for failing to equally represent both genders; the pool of talented women in the tech industry is vast and of a truly high calibre.

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Designing With Data: The Future of Videogames

What role does data play in designing, developing and running the world’s leading videogames? Data science company Effini has partnered with InGAME, the multi-million pound Innovation centre for games and media enterprise in Dundee, to discuss and debate this issue, as part of Data Fest 2020.

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Get the most from the DataFest app

The DataFest app comes back for DataFest20 to answer any and all of your DataFest related queries from the palm of your hand. We’d like to give you a better insight into the app so that you can make the most of it during all DataFest related events and activities.

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We’re excited to announce more amazing speakers for DataSummit20!

We’ve just announced details on more of the speakers that we will be welcoming to DataSummit. We’ve selected a really diverse range of people to come and talk to you about the ground breaking work they are doing with data science and AI. They are fascinating individuals with really interesting stories to tell that we hope will inspire you to push the work you are doing with data further.

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