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The Last Question – a brand new science and technology podcast

We've launched a podcast!

The Last Question is a series of interviews with people at the cutting edge of science and innovation, many of whom will be speaking at DataFest events.  You can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts and also on this page. If you enjoy the show please give it a rating on your platform of choice.

These fascinating interviews explore the most exciting developments in the world of science while also engaging in some wild speculation along the way. Join our hosts Gordon and Lily as they talk to people at the cutting edge of technology and innovation – from quantum computing to nanotechnology, sci-fi authors to ethicists, from the James Webb Telescope to the search for extra-terrestrial life. 

There will be new full episodes every two weeks and bonus content every week. Podcast listeners get an exclusive 20% discount on tickets to DataFest events as well, so listen out for the discount code during the show. Your hosts are Gordon Johnstone – the Head of DataFest at The Data Lab – and Lily Higham, a Senior Automation Engineer at the BBC World Service.

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